Welcome to Woodside!

Pastor Vince SaundersWelcome to Woodside SDA church! We are so glad that you’ve found us. Please make your virtual visit a real one soon and make a friend or two when you come. Whenever people join us, they often say, “It felt so much like coming home!” We pray that the paternal love of God and the grace offered through His Son, Jesus Christ can impress your life towards wholeness and joy! I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our family! – Head Pastor Vince Saunders

  • Re Creation In Nature

    Hike in Nature, Please meet us out there at 3:00pm, bring walking shoes, a camera and a snack or sack dinner.
    Our walk takes place at a Bird sanctuary.


    From Sacramento, take Hwy 99/70 north, when Hwys 99 and 70 split stay on 99 and cross the Feather river bridge.  Turn right at the second signed street after crossing the bridge – this is Laurel Ave.
    From Marysville/Yuba City, take Hwy 99 south to just past the old Dingville sign, turn left on Laurel Ave.
    On Laurel Ave., go till you reach an “End” sign. At this point the road turns to dirt and gravel and is over private land. We ask that you slow to five miles per hour from the “End” sign to the parking area to keep the dust down. Continue on until you reach the “Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary” sign, parking lot, kiosk and metal barn. There is a large color map in the kiosk showing the trails and the three entrances to the sanctuary. Map handouts should be available in the mail box adjacent to the kiosk.
    If the gate happens to be open DO NOT DRIVE UP THE LEVEE!  Please park in the parking area.

  • April 18, 2015 Joy of Living Cooking School

    CREATION HealthThe Joy of Living group is hosting a series of Vegan Cooking demonstrations with samples, recipes, health information, light physical movement and plenty of water. You can find more information about this plant based way of eating for the long term in the C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N Health plan, website http://creationhealth.com/
    Download the Free App: http://merchandise.creationhealth.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=app-i

    Menu: BBQ
    Topic: Trust




  • NEW Directory sign up and information

    FREE seating, FREE 8×10 photo to anyone who schedules a seating.
    FREE directory for all members.

    Join us Sunday & Monday April 26, 2015 from 9am-5pm & 27th 1pm-9pm

    So encourage your friends, families or neighbors to sign up tor their free family photo.
    Click Picture LINK BELOW for sign ups! (not available on weekends, sign up in person.)
    02-Family Album Signup Button
    Even if you are unable to attend the time slots we have, you can take our church code get the same deal at another church location OR e-mail / bring in a photo with $10 to make sure you get in and a directory. Please email our office to request that code or to find another participating location.

    Also if we fill up this date we can schedule another onsite photo session at a later time.

    Coupons available: Military service (20% off), Feed the Need ($5 off) bring in a can and coupons.

  • Midweek Renewal – Wednesday nights

    Please Join us each Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Classroom A

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