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SAUNDERS, VINCE; (Staff)41Welcome to Woodside SDA church! We are so glad that you’ve found us. Please make your virtual visit a real one soon and make a friend or two when you come. Whenever people join us, they often say, “It felt so much like coming home!” We pray that the paternal love of God and the grace offered through His Son, Jesus Christ can impress your life towards wholeness and joy! I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our family! – Head Pastor Vince Saunders

  • ReCreation in Nature


    June 27, 2015, 3pm
    Robie Point Trail $10 Parking
    From Auburn take highway 49 south. As you pass under the railroad trestle and start down the hill toward the American river confluence, parking is 1/2 mile on the right. The trailhead is at the green gate marked “Gate 130 – Murphy’s Gate to Robie point.

    This is an Easy to Moderate trail with some good views of the American River Canyon, Foresthill Bridge and the old Auburn Dam construction site.
    see Ken H.

  • Family Nights

    Beginning June 17 @ 6pm please join us this summer for potluck dinners on Wednesday, songs, Nature Nugget (intelligent design) presentation followed by games for all ages.

    Menu Schedule:

    July 1: Barbecue, Beans, Chips, Cookies

    July 8: Sandwiches, Chips & Dips, Fruit Salad

    July 15: Burrito & Tostado Bar, Desserts

    July 22: Baked Potato Bar, Desserts

    If you would like to sign up to be apart of hosting a meal or sharing something about how wonderfully made this world is, please sign up with Rick J. or call our church office and we will connect you with him.


  • June 20, 2015 Joy of Living Cooking School

    CREATION HealthThe Joy of Living group is hosting a series of Vegan Cooking demonstrations with samples, recipes, health information, light physical movement and plenty of water. You can find more information about this plant based way of eating for the long term in the C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N Health plan, website http://creationhealth.com/
    Download the Free App: http://merchandise.creationhealth.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=app-i

    Menu: Picnic: Pot Luck: bring your favorite vegetarian dishes to share along with recipes.



  • NEW Directory sign up and information


    After creating a profile, Go to the dashboard at the pull down menu in the upper right where your name is and at the bottom it says “Edit my Directory Entry.”

    Thank you, this will help us to stay in contact with you and your information up to date for your directory.


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    FREE seating, FREE 8×10 photo to anyone who schedules a seating.
    FREE directory for all members.Even if you are unable to attend the time slots we have, you can take our church code get the same deal at another church location OR e-mail / bring in a photo with $10 to make sure you get in and a directory. Please email our office to request that code or to find another participating location.

    Coupons available: Military service (20% off), Feed the Need ($5 off) bring in a can and coupons.

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